Happy Christmas from Autowash

Autowash Engineering wish all our staff and customers and clients a Happy Christmas and New Year ... seasonal greetings also to the truck washing and HGV/logistics industry.


Trucks, Lorries, HGVs - a Blog

Check out the blog Trucks, Lorries, HGVs which collects photographs of trucks from now and from the past and trucks from all over the world - from 1960s Leyland to the new and futuristic Audi.

National Lorry Week

Do you drive a HGV? Do you maintain trucks? If so get involved in National Lorry Week which is 19th to 24th September 2016. To get details click the link in the @RHA tweet below.

Future of Trucking

Drive Through Brush Washers

Drive Through Brush Washers - Autowash Engineering have numerous options for your truck washing needs, one of which is the Drive Through Brush Washing machine that has many benefits for you and your commercial fleet of vehicle. Click the link below to read more.


Fixed Arched Machines

Autowash Thank Twitter Follows

Autowash Engineering have had a few new Twitter followers to who we thanks! If you're on Twitter, you can follow us too for truck washing and HGV industry news. Click here - vehicle washing systems

Congratulations to Leicester City FC

Autowash Engineering, proudly based in Hinkley in Leicestershire, congratulate the 2015/16 Premier League Champions who are Leicester City FC! Only the sixth team ever to win the league since 1992. This is the stuff dreams are made of .... Nice one Leicester!


Autowash on Star Reviews

Another directory Autowash Engineering have joined is Star Reviews, which is easy to set up and where we've uploaded details of our truck washing machines. 

To view the profile, click here - truck washing listing - or the image below.

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Truck Washing on New Business Directory

Autowash Engineering have joined the UK business directory Lacartes. To view us and read about our vehicle washing systems, please click the link in the post below.

Autowash Join Cylex Directory


Vehicle Washing Systems

Read below about the vehicle washing systems designed, made and maintained in-house by the UK based Autowash Engineering Ltd.

A standard double pass wash cycle will wash an articulated truck and trailer in six minutes and smaller vehicles in less time. Our single pass wash cycle is even quicker, the times varying from vehicle to vehicle. Systems can be started manually by a low voltage push-button or automatically by sensors mounted on the vehicle to detect vehicle presence. 

Read about the vehicle washing systems manufactured in the UK by Autowash Engineering

All systems are fitted with long-life LED traffic lights to assist with the operation of the machines. The machine brushes accurately contour a profile of the vehicle front, sides, roof and rear to achieve all over cleaning. Water along with a chemical cleaning agent is sprayed directly to the vehicle surface by a series of machine mounted spray nozzles. The cleaning agent is added by means of a highly accurate and adjustable electronic pump.

Autowash Engineering offers a range of quality chemical cleaning products designed for use with automatic washing systems. During winter the machine has an automatic frost-protection systems. This system minimises downtime of the equipment and prevents frost damage. 

Housed within a water-proof and corrosion proof enclosure is the machine main control panel with components carefully chosen from leading worldwide manufacturers, all panels are designed and built in-house. 

Wash programs are controlled from a programmable logic controller all designed and written in-house which offers our customers safety in the knowledge that it has the manufacturers backing. The controls are made as simple as possible to assist operators in ease of use.

Our systems often include water recycling to lessen the environmental impact and offer savings and running costs. Post-installation, we offer a fully comprehensive warranty and a range of service options. We pride ourselves on our full after-service.

For any questions about our vehicle washing systems, please either visit the Autowash Engineering website or call us on 01455 615 340.


Three-Brush Washing System - Watch Here

Autowash Engineering design, manufacture and maintain a range of vehicle washing systems. 

Here is the demonstration of the three-brush truck wash machine, which is the preference for cleaning conventional road-going commercial vehicles. It is made to wash vehicles efficiently and quickly -medium-sized vans to large articulated truck units and trailers.

Save time with the three-brush rollover, which will effectively wash an articulated truck and trailer in 6 minutes! Smaller vehicles in less time!

To see how the three-brush truck wash machine work, click the video below that demonstrates the vehicle washing system in use. 

The three-brush is one of a range of vehicle washing systems produced in the UK by Autowash Engineering. There is also the drive through brush machine, fixed arch machines and other systems including a bespoke service for special vehicle washing requirements.

For any questions about any of Autowash Engineering's washing system, please either visit our website here - vehicle washing systems - or call the team on 01455 615 340.


Female HGV Drivers Needed

In 2016 HGV firms will target women in order to improve the amount of women truck drivers.

It is repported in the Daily Record that "a recruitment drive to get women behind the wheel of Scotland’s HGVs is key to saving the £5billion haulage industry."

An extra 11,000 truckers are required to solve a shortage of HGV drivers and so now  HGV firms plan to target females to take up the profession by working with colleges and employment agencies with the aim to set up a “logistics academy” that will recieve a substantial sum of funding to get women to become HGV drivers.

The Daily Record also report "that around 1500 new drivers will be needed each year for the next decade. One per cent of HGV drivers are women."