Truck and Lorry Washing Google List

Autowash Engineering Ltd, who is a UK based truck wash and lorry washing equipment manufacturer, have recently created what is called a Google Bookmarks List. This means the vehicle washing equipment manufacturer can share links to favourite websites and be able to organise those links into relevant lists based on the vehicle washing machines sector. Based in the West Midlands UK specifically the reputable vehicle washing equipment manufacturer have set up a Google Bookmarks List about the truck washing sector. This is a list that contains links to the relevant websites regarding truck washing.

Since the late 1970's Autowash Engineering has been specialists in vehicle washing machines and truck washing equipment. The company was set up as a family run business in 1973 under the name of Melbros Electrical. But over the past 38 years the company developed from being manufacturers of electrical control panels for the automation of factory production lines. While the skills needed in high-end automation control led to an increased knowledge within the carwash industry and meant Autowash Engineering became specialists in the manufacture and maintenance of vehicle washing machines and truck washing equipment. The change of direction in the late 1970's and early 1980's also influenced the company to change their name in 1984 to Autowash Engineering Limited. And since that time the truck washing company have excelled in the vehicle and lorry washing machine sector.

You can find out more about Autowash Engineering by clicking on their website here - truck and lorry washing equipment - or by calling 01455 213177

If you want to view the latest bookmarks on the Truck Wash list from Autowash Engineering please click below -

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Originally uploaded by HOPEKORREN on YouTube, Autowash Engineering have found online a great film showing 19 Stobart trucks in a convoy. Eddie Stobart is an icon of the UK's lorry and trucking industry, and any driver on the UK's motorways will be familiar with their green and white trucks distributing the nation's transportable goods.

Click the play button on the panel below to watch the 19 strong truck convoy of the Eddie Stobart lorries.