Autowash Engineering on Tumblr

Autowash Engineering Ltd on Tumblr

Tumblr is a blog feed which, as well as text and video, you can add your links and images into each feed. Autowash Engineering are now on Tumblr, where there is news and company information about the truck washing equipment supplier.

Over the past few months the UK based company have added posts and information based about the products provided by the truck wash equipment manufacturer. To visit the Tumblr page of Autowash Engineering, click on the image below.

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Autowash Engineering - Twellow

Autowash Engineering Ltd on Twellow

Vehicle washing machine company Autowash Engineering Ltd are now on Twellow. This is part of the recent drive to increase the online profile of this UK based manufacturer of vehicle washing machines. Other platforms to which the company have recently added their profile include Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Twellow is a website which takes the feeds of businesses on Twitter and places the company information onto a directory. Autowash Engineering are added to a number of categories which include Automotive Care and Trucking.

To visit the Twellow profile of Autowash Engineering Ltd, please click the logo below.

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Truck Wash on YouTube

Truck Wash Equipment Company on YouTube

Autowash Engineering Ltd are now on YouTube. The UK based manufacturer of truck wash equipment have a new YouTube Channel, where there will be a collection of videos related to the types of product the company provides to the transportation sector.

Specifically based in Nuneaton, which is in the West Midlands of the UK, Autowash Engineering Ltd supply vehicle washing machines and truck washing equipment to clients such as vehicle fleets for HGV's and other commerical forms of road transport.

Established in 1973 Autowash Engineering Ltd manufacture, supply and also service and repair all types of vehicle washing machines. This includes the automatic brush wash machine, arch wash systems, water recycling units and pressure washes. As a compliment to these systems, the comapny also supply cleaning chemical products for the truck wash equipment they manufacture.

You can visit the Autowash Engineering website for further information by clicking the link in bold here - truck wash equipment

Or to visit the YouTube Channel of Autowash, then please click the logo below.

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