Three-Brush Washing System - Watch Here

Autowash Engineering design, manufacture and maintain a range of vehicle washing systems. 

Here is the demonstration of the three-brush truck wash machine, which is the preference for cleaning conventional road-going commercial vehicles. It is made to wash vehicles efficiently and quickly -medium-sized vans to large articulated truck units and trailers.

Save time with the three-brush rollover, which will effectively wash an articulated truck and trailer in 6 minutes! Smaller vehicles in less time!

To see how the three-brush truck wash machine work, click the video below that demonstrates the vehicle washing system in use. 

The three-brush is one of a range of vehicle washing systems produced in the UK by Autowash Engineering. There is also the drive through brush machine, fixed arch machines and other systems including a bespoke service for special vehicle washing requirements.

For any questions about any of Autowash Engineering's washing system, please either visit our website here - vehicle washing systems - or call the team on 01455 615 340.

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