Merry Christmas from Autowash Engineering Ltd

All at Autowash Engineering Ltd, providers of vehicle washing machines, truck wash and related maintenance and equipment, wish clients a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Throughout 2011 Autowash Engineering Ltd will continue to excel in providing services to clients in the vehicle fleet, commercial transport and HGV industry across the UK and Europe.

Autowash Engineering Ltd has gained a reputation through providing a full service alongside the truck wash and vehicle washing machines manufactured and maintained by Autowash Engineering Ltd. The UK based company have a lot of experience in the engineering tradition of craftsmanship. Each month the company adds a new post to the blog. So this gives the UK based tube bending company a chance to wish all the clients who read the blog, to have a great Christmas which we hope will be officially covered in snow.

Please contact Autowash Engineering Ltd via telephone or email if you require any information regarding tube bending, steel section bending, hand rail manufacturing or any other in the array of services provided by West Midlands UK based Autowash Engineering Ltd.

The telephone number for Autowash Engineering Ltd is 01455 213177

Or to visit the website please click the link in bold here – truck wash

Autowash Engineering Ltd looks forward to adding posts to the blog over 2011. But more so, the UK based company look forward to providing clients with truck wash and vehicle washing machines. We wish a Happy Christmas and Great New Year to all Autowash Engineering Ltd clients.

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Autowash Engineering Facebook Page

Over the past few month Autowash Engineering Ltd have had a profile on Facebook. The way Facebook is used is that each main page is essentially for people to upload their personal details. A ne feature on the Facebook website is that users can set up pages dedicated to their favourite company, brand or TV personality.

So what Autowash Engineering Ltd have done via their original Facebook account is to set up a page dedicated to the company. The new page is called 'Truck Wash - Autowash Engineering Ltd' and you can show your support for the page and truck wash company by clicking the logo below and pressing the Like button.

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Vehicle Washing - Truck Wash

Vehicle Washing - Truck Wash

Autowash Engineering Ltd provide equipment to the HGV and transport industry. This is for vehicle washing machines and truck wash equipment, so that HGV and other commercial vehicle fleets are able to be cleaned thoroughly by the equipment manufactured by Autowash Engineering from their UK base.

If you're repsonsible for HGV's or other vehicles within your company, then please contact Autowash Engineering Ltd for more details on the truck and vehicle washing machines the company produce. Other equipment manufactured by Autowash Engineering Ltd include three brush rollover, fixed arch machines, vehicle interior washes and water recycling.

With all the equipment for HGV's and other vehicles, Autowash Engineering Ltd also provide a full repair, maintenance and breakdown support service for all clients who use the truck wash and vehicle washing machines from the UK based company.

You can call Autowash Engineering Ltd on 01455 213177 for further details. Or you can click the logo below for more details via the Autowash Engineering Ltd website.

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