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Autowash Engineering Ltd are on Flickr

Flickr is a photostreaming website where you can upload and share video and photo's with colleagues. Autowash Engineering Ltd, the West Midlands UK based vehicle washing and truck washing equipment company, have now set up a profile on Flickr.

If you want to see the first set of images uploaded by Autowash Engineering, click the image below and you can see the first set of vehicle washing machines and truck wash equipmen images. These are images of some of the equipment Autowash Engineering manufacture for fleets of large commerical vehicles.

If you want to look at the various types of vehicle washing machines manufactured by Autowash Engineering Ltd, you can also visit the website by clicking the link in bold here - truck washing equipment

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Vehicle Washing Machines on Google Profiles

Vehicle Washing Machines on Google Profiles

As part of the Autowash Engineering Ltd campaign to expand the brand online, there is now a Google Profile containing all the online details relevant to Autowash Engineering Ltd.

Autowash Engineering Ltd are based in Nuneaton in the West Midlands UK and provide vehicle washing machines. This means the truck wash equipment manufactured by Autowash is suitable to clean and wash coaches, HGV's and all other types of large commercial vehicles. If you are responsible for maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles such as trucks, then please contact Autowash Engineering Ltd on 01455 213177.

You can also visit Autowash Engineering online where you can read about the truck washing equipment provided by this UK based company. Please click n he following link in bold - vehicle washing machines

To visit the new Autowash Engineering Google Profile's page, then click the image below.

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