Vehicle Washing Systems

Read below about the vehicle washing systems designed, made and maintained in-house by the UK based Autowash Engineering Ltd.

A standard double pass wash cycle will wash an articulated truck and trailer in six minutes and smaller vehicles in less time. Our single pass wash cycle is even quicker, the times varying from vehicle to vehicle. Systems can be started manually by a low voltage push-button or automatically by sensors mounted on the vehicle to detect vehicle presence. 

Read about the vehicle washing systems manufactured in the UK by Autowash Engineering

All systems are fitted with long-life LED traffic lights to assist with the operation of the machines. The machine brushes accurately contour a profile of the vehicle front, sides, roof and rear to achieve all over cleaning. Water along with a chemical cleaning agent is sprayed directly to the vehicle surface by a series of machine mounted spray nozzles. The cleaning agent is added by means of a highly accurate and adjustable electronic pump.

Autowash Engineering offers a range of quality chemical cleaning products designed for use with automatic washing systems. During winter the machine has an automatic frost-protection systems. This system minimises downtime of the equipment and prevents frost damage. 

Housed within a water-proof and corrosion proof enclosure is the machine main control panel with components carefully chosen from leading worldwide manufacturers, all panels are designed and built in-house. 

Wash programs are controlled from a programmable logic controller all designed and written in-house which offers our customers safety in the knowledge that it has the manufacturers backing. The controls are made as simple as possible to assist operators in ease of use.

Our systems often include water recycling to lessen the environmental impact and offer savings and running costs. Post-installation, we offer a fully comprehensive warranty and a range of service options. We pride ourselves on our full after-service.

For any questions about our vehicle washing systems, please either visit the Autowash Engineering website or call us on 01455 615 340.

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