Survival Guide for Truck Drivers

Because Autowash Engineering are prominent on social-media, we've recently joined (or rather have a profile) on Google Books. This is the website where you can browse previews of all kinds of books and pubications such as magazines.

For example, you can see below a preview of A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers: Tips from the Trenches, which is written by Alice Adams and Andrew Ryder.

The truck driver's manual "Examines many aspects of a trucker's lifestyle, including topics from money management to communication skills to maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road. Filled with practical tips for succeeding on the road, making it the perfect addition to any truck and lorry and HGV driving training program."

We've added it to our To Read list on Google Books where there're lots of other trucking and HGV related books.

Check out A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers by scrolling the panel below.

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