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Autowash Engineering Ltd on Posterous

Another blogging platform which HGV washing machine developers, the UK based Autowash Engineering Ltd, have joined is Posterous. This is an easy-to-use website which you can upload blog-posts from your email address and is good for businesses to promote their brand, products and services.

Autowash Ltd have set up a Posterous page so they can announce any new online changes which the truck wash company have implemented. The UK based HGV washing equipment company are very keen to expand on new online media, which includes adding new profiles to Facebook, Twitter, and, as you can read from other posts, the bookmarking website called Digg.

The Posterous page which Autowash Engineering Ltd have created will be updated monthly and may contain information about the truck and HGV washing systems which the company design, manufacture and maintain for the fleet and commercial vehicle sector across the UK.

Please visit the Autowash Engineering Ltd Posterous page by clicking the logo below or the link in bold here - HGV wash on Posterous

Click for Truck and HGV washing on Posterous

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