Vehicle Washing - Truck Wash

Vehicle Washing - Truck Wash

Autowash Engineering Ltd provide equipment to the HGV and transport industry. This is for vehicle washing machines and truck wash equipment, so that HGV and other commercial vehicle fleets are able to be cleaned thoroughly by the equipment manufactured by Autowash Engineering from their UK base.

If you're repsonsible for HGV's or other vehicles within your company, then please contact Autowash Engineering Ltd for more details on the truck and vehicle washing machines the company produce. Other equipment manufactured by Autowash Engineering Ltd include three brush rollover, fixed arch machines, vehicle interior washes and water recycling.

With all the equipment for HGV's and other vehicles, Autowash Engineering Ltd also provide a full repair, maintenance and breakdown support service for all clients who use the truck wash and vehicle washing machines from the UK based company.

You can call Autowash Engineering Ltd on 01455 213177 for further details. Or you can click the logo below for more details via the Autowash Engineering Ltd website.

Click for the truck wash website from Autowash Engineering Ltd

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