Twitpic and Autowash Engineering Ltd

Twitpic is an application connected to Twitter which allows you to upload images to your Twitter profile, and to then share them with your followers. In the past few days Autowash Engineering have set up a Twitpic profile. This means that the West Midlands UK truck washing equipment manufacturer has uploaded the first set of images related to the brand for vehicle washing systems.

If you want to view the first set of truck wash images from Autowash Engineering on Twitpic, you can click the logo below or the link in bold here - Autowash on Twitpic

Or if you want more information about Autowash Engineering Ltd, you can visit the website by clicking the link in bold here - vehicle washing machines

Click the Twitpic logo here to view the Autowash Engineering images.

Click for Twitpic and Autowash Engineering Ltd

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